About AdBlock’s opt-in anonymous filter list usage and data collection

In our Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge desktop extensions, you can help us improve AdBlock's functionality and performance by allowing us to collect anonymous information about the way you use AdBlock. (This feature is not available yet in our extension for Mozilla Firefox.)

This is the data we collect if you opt in:

  • The filter lists you are subscribed to
  • Which filter rules blocked or hid ads and other resources
  • The domain name of sites you visit
  • The language your browser is displayed in
  • Information about specific tags used on websites you visit

All the data AdBlock collects is entirely anonymous. That means it can't be linked to a specific person or device.

Your participation is entirely voluntary. The setting that allows us to collect this information is disabled by default. You can opt in or out of sharing data with us at any time. If you would like to opt in, thanks! You'll be helping us make AdBlock even better.

To opt in to anonymous data sharing:

  1. Click the AdBlock button on your browser toolbar and select the gear icon.
  2. On the GENERAL tab, select Allow AdBlock to collect anonymous filter list usage and data.

To opt out of anonymous data sharing after opting in:

  1. Click the AdBlock button on your browser toolbar and select the gear icon.
  2. On the GENERAL tab, clear Allow AdBlock to collect anonymous filter list usage and data.

The information we collect this way is a subset of the information you provide when you submit an ad or bug report. Opting in to our anonymous data collection just allows us to gather the information as you're using AdBlock, not just when you explicitly provide it to us.

Please see this Knowledge Base article for more information about the data we can see and how we use it: I see a warning that AdBlock can access my data and browsing activity!

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